My art experience began in 1973 at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, FL. During this time I would visit a friend, Ronald Daniels who was a student in the art department. It amazed me how he would work on one piece of art for hours and if it did not come out to perfection he would discard it and say Oryan you can have it. This is when I first started collecting artwork. Also, in the studio next door where the World Renowned ceramicists, Curtis Tucker and his wife Yvonne Tucker who I also observed with great interest as they developed the unique art form of Afro-Raku.

Since those initial years, I have had the opportunity to collect some of America’s premiere African American Artwork. My evolution continues to this day. Today the Oryan Speed Gallery has evolved under the names OryanSpeedGallery.com, The Speed Group and AmericanAfricanArt.com. The gallery is in control of some of the most important art in the African American diaspora.

We have learned from some of America’s most notable African American Artist such as John Biggers, Jacob Lawrence and Lois Mailou Jones. These are three giants in the African American Art World. Jacob Lawrence who settled in Seattle, WA was a part of the Harlem Renaissance movement along with his wife Gwendolyn Knight. His Migration Series is a must see for the true art enthusiasts. Lois Mailou Jones who taught at Howard University in Washington, DC studied in France and spent a great deal of her time in Haiti. She has several books to her credit. Lastly, Dr. John Biggers traveled to Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, and Benin in West Africa to learn the cultures and how it related to African Americans through art.

We have done business with several art organizations including Spradling/Ames, Key West, FL, Artcetera Houston, TX, The Museum of Printing History Houston, TX, and Brandywine Workshop Philadelphia, PA.

Finallly, think of our artwork as an investment. Much of the art we sell will increase in value over time. We are happy to serve you by introducing our unique forms of art. These include American, African, Haitian and American Folk Art. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to work with you.

– Oryan Speed